Five-time World Pizza Champion

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Meet Marcello Avitabile, a renowned chef with an illustrious career in the culinary arts. Marcello began working in kitchens at the young age of 16 and has since gained invaluable experience working in various regions across Italy, such as Bologna, Naples, and Capri, at the two Michelin-starred Mamma’ Restaurant with Chef Gennaro Esposito. He has also worked in the north of Europe.

Marcello has earned the prestigious title of five-time world champion for pizza gourmet, showcasing his expertise and innovation in the culinary world. In 2014, Marcello became the executive chef for Buona Forchetta Restaurant in San Diego, where he led the successful opening of three restaurants in the course of five years, two in San Diego and one in Encinitas.

Although pursuing a passion may seem like a smooth journey, Marcello recognizes that it can be challenging. However, his love for the kitchen and dedication to his craft have made his career a fulfilling and rewarding one. Marcello attributes his passion for food and cooking to his mother, who was his first inspiration in the kitchen.

Marcello specializes in fish dishes and is particularly renowned for creating real Neapolitan pizza, utilizing his signature technique known as the “secchio” or “bucket” method. This innovative method of making gluten-free pizza in Neapolitan style has been adopted worldwide by global flour producers and distributors. Marcello takes pride in using only the best, freshest ingredients, ensuring that the quality of his dishes is unmatched.

Throughout his career, Marcello has always prioritized respect for his craft and the people he works with. This, he believes, is what has brought him the luck he needs to excel in his field. Marcello’s unwavering commitment to his craft and his creativity have made him one of the most accomplished chefs in the culinary industry.

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