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The expansive menu offered by Amalfi Cucina Italiana and Amalfi Marina was featured on The Coast News Group.

We are thrilled to highlight a recent press mention by a food enthusiast who discovered our restaurant on Lake San Marcos. Despite not being on the Amalfi Coast, the restaurant’s impressive team, large and stylish space, and delicious food make it a must-visit for anyone in the area.

The former leaders of the renowned Buona Forchetta group operate Amalfi Cucina Italiana, including chef Marcello Avitabile, a five-time world champion pizza maker, along with his friend Joseph Serra, general manager Giuseppe Annunziata, and partner Emiliano Muslija. The restaurant boasts two floors with distinctive offerings and a full bar, and a Stefano Ferrara pizza oven that can cook a perfect pizza quickly at temperatures ranging from 700 to 1,000 degrees. The menu offers eight pasta varieties and ten sauces, with ingredients imported from exclusive sources in Italy.

Artichoke “alla Romana” is a pan-fried version of artichoke stalks, hearts, and tender leaves in olive oil served on a bed of arugula and shards of Grana Padano, which is a must-try. The culinary team grinds the beef in-house for the restaurant’s polpette and simmers them in San Marzano sauce, resulting in heavenly balls of meat. Bolognese sauce takes two days to create, and ribeye is offered on the restaurant’s special menu. There are various cocktails, Italian wines, and beers available in the bar.

The restaurant’s first level is a casual, covered outdoor dining area that can fit 200, and the second level offers a more elegant, fine-dining atmosphere with 100 seats overlooking the lake. The golden Stefano Ferrara oven on the second floor is the main focus, and the chef curates a more gourmet menu of homemade pasta and entrees.

At Amalfi, we take pride in offering authentic Italian cuisine made with the highest quality ingredients. We strive to offer our patrons the best dining experience by bringing the essence of Italian culture to San Marcos. We are grateful to be recognized and hope that this press mention entices more food enthusiasts to visit our establishment.

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